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Impossible Children, Robert Yune


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Winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction

Here is a book of mapping: geography, heritage, cultural identity, and family. Impossible children must navigate an impossible world, and the question becomes “What do impossible children grow into, if not impossible adults?” With humor and a language crisply reflecting the experiences of the scientists, researchers, and working-class families of the collection, Robert Yune’s stories guide readers across a familiar American landscape, focusing on the lives of Korean Americans who drift in and out of the stories like ghosts. In one story, two young Korean immigrant brothers are introduced to America by way of a wealthy doctor’s home and guidance; later on, a brother seeks connection to his Korean heritage at a Civil War reenactment camp. The forces at play here pitch tiny heroes against tiny villains, all working toward an end that suggests disorientation may be the flipside of freedom.

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Robert Yune’s fiction has appeared in Green Mountains Review, Kenyon Review, and Los Angeles Review, among other places. His novel Eighty Days of Sunlight was nominated for the 2017 International DUBLIN Literary Award. Currently, he teaches at Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA. 


"Robert Yune's magnificent and richly assured debut, Impossible Children, takes us across the United States, from New Jersey to Michigan to Alaska, portraying the lives of the itinerant, the wanderers, and the lost. The stories—through a fully realized community—embody and evoke generations, history, and the history of war and migration. This is a collection that is both precise—in language, in imagery and tone, revealing key moments in a life—and vast in geography, events, and the heart." 

—Paul Yoon, from the Introduction