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Wendy S. Walters to Read at Book Culture

  • Book Culture 536 W 112th St New York, NY, 10025 United States (map)

Wendy S. Walters will be reading at Book Culture on October 21st at 7pm.


Praise for Multiply/Divide

"Multiply/Divide is the perfect title for this book, in which Wendy S. Walters brandishes not only fierce moral imagination but, even more impressively, profound human complicity. I’m a besotted fan.”
—David Shields

 "In these bold, quirky, intimate, experimental essays, the author both fearlessly discloses the personal and embeds her individuality in the larger dilemmas of the historical moment. Wendy S. Walters's sense of humor and sharp intelligence, her ability to move from the micro to the macro, her balance between outrage and wonderment, make for very lively company indeed."
—Phillip Lopate

 "Lyric invention, historical inquiry, elegy, allegory, dialogue, and confession: these essays are astonishing. Wendy S. Walters is a solitary traveler who contains and confronts multitudes. No contradiction goes unexplored; no question goes unasked. Complexities multiply and divide; new possibilities arise. This is a wondrous and uncanny book."
—Margo Jefferson

 "An intense longing drives this spell-binding collection from Wendy S. Walters. Exploring the full range of the essay’s forms, Walters discovers and names the often troubling ways race and class inform what it means to belong—in a place, a community, even in the bodies we inherit at birth. Alternately unsettling and revealing, Multiply/Divide is an important contribution to a conversation that is long overdue."
—Lacy M. Johnson 

 "Multiply/Divide is an urgent examination of the constructs—cities, selves, the groups we align ourselves with—that order our lives. Fittingly, Walters's collection is a hybrid blending fact and fiction, the personal and the political, in order to confront fully, free of the limitations of genre, just what it means to be disenfranchised in America. I recommend it highly."
—Stephen Sparks, Green Apple Books