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Peter Mishler to Read at Avid Bookstore

Avid Bookstore

493 Prince Ave.

Athens, GA 30601

About the Event: Join Peter Mishler and Kathy Fagan Grandinetti for the Avid Bookstore’s April edition of their Poetry Series. Both authors will be available for book signing afterward. Free and open to the public.

About the Author: Peter Mishler was born in New Jersey and lives in Kansas City. His poems have appeared at The Winter AnthologyOversoundProdigaldiodePreludeConjunctions, and elsewhere. The title poem from this collection was anthologized in Best New Poets. Mishler is the recipient of scholarships and fellowships from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and Syracuse University, and he presently curates a contemporary poetry feature for Literary Hub. This is his first book.


"Mishler’s deft grasp of image as well as his unique voice keep these poems immediate and engaging."

The Rumpus

"It’s difficult not to grin, smirk, purse your lips, or generally screw up your face when reading Peter Mishler’s poems in his debut book, Fludde. It isn’t just the peculiarity of these pieces but the command with which Mishler executes it, taking readers in something like a swift punt along strange but otherwise unassuming canals." 

—Ryo Yamaguchi, Kenyon Review

"[Mishler] is able to do incredible things with language as he creates beautifully lyrical pieces, set up with a musical tone and rhythm only to break it abruptly. In this way Mishler integrates the harsh cacophony of the real world with the singsong whimsicality of the imagination. . . . Fludde is an experience, raw and honest."

—Blaine Heydt, BookBar

"[Fludde's] music, its vivid, outsized imagery, and its surreal associations are steeped in the Romantics, shaped by the Modernists, and communicated with a language so restrained and earnest it can stop your breath. . . .  Fludde is magical, mysterious, and disturbing."

—Michelle Lewis, Rain Taxi

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